Welcome to the new blog. In the coming weeks, I’ll be porting over old posts. This process will likely be painstaking, but will allow me to also review some of my work and likely make some cuts and edits. In the meantime, all the old posts will stay up at the blogspot link.

What do you mean by “old posts?”

Since August of 2018, I have written a blog post every day without fail for over 1000 days. I used to publish these blog posts publicly; I have since moved them to a private blog, but I have kept up some pieces of writing I stand by and occasionally posted new ones. This site contains an archive of those posts, along with blog posts I write on other platforms, such as for MIT Admissions.

The RSS feed for this site is here. An archive organized by month can be found here.

  • hope springs eternal

    a warm feeling

    It’s a beautiful day today in Boston, and looking out the window at the Charles River, recently covered in snow, I can’t help but feel anything but a kind of pure, unadulterated hope for the coming semester. It’s a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time—even the most exciting of events in past semesters have been tempered by the ongoing gloom of our physical separation. But, right now, it feels like spring has come.

  • walking, walking, walking

    walking and/as coping

    This IAP has been fantastic in a lot of different ways. I’m back in Cambridge, I did a micro-internship at a digital publication working on real, creative stuff, and since my micro-internship was only 25 hours a week, I found myself with a bunch of extra time to do essentially whatever I wanted, which is sometimes hard to find at MIT. I’ve kept up with people and even found time to do some additional fun things, like Mystery Hunt.

  • 318 memorial drive

    a historical rabbit hole

    Back in November, after our adventure visiting every stop on the MBTA, CJ and I promised that we would write a post full of wonderful facts and obscure lore about the history of the T. This is not that post. However, in the process of doing research for it, I read a book titled Boston in Motion which included a large quantity of historical pictures with accompanying passages about the history of Boston’s public transit systems.

  • MIT Mystery Hunt is happening!

    watch the kickoff at 12 PM EDT today, 1/15

    Hello! I’m writing this very, very smol post to tell you that the MIT Mystery Hunt is starting, today, January 15th, at 12 PM EDT. MIT Mystery Hunt is a time-honored tradition, which you can learn more about in CJ’s enormous post, where he talks about his experience as part of the winning team last year. Here’s an excerpt.

  • trying to trim the tree of possible paths

    an Aristotelean inquiry

    Although I’ve left my copy of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics back in Cambridge, I still remember from freshman fall, when I was taking CC.110, that Aristotle argues that “what is sought out for itself is more complete than what is sought out on account of something else”; i.e. that which is most complete and most choiceworthy is that which is chosen for its own sake.