Welcome to the new blog. In the coming weeks, I’ll be porting over old posts. This process will likely be painstaking, but will allow me to also review some of my work and likely make some cuts and edits. In the meantime, all the old posts will stay up at the blogspot link.

What do you mean by “old posts?”

Since August of 2018, I have written a blog post every day without fail for over 1000 days. I used to publish these blog posts publicly; I have since moved them to a private blog, but I have kept up some pieces of writing I stand by and occasionally posted new ones. This site contains an archive of those posts, along with blog posts I write on other platforms, such as for MIT Admissions.

The RSS feed for this site is here. An archive organized by month can be found here.

  • it's only a matter of time

    a post for the deferred

    This post has been rattling around my brain for a few weeks now, like a rock inside an empty tin can. For the accepted, I offer my congratulations, and a warm welcome to the MIT community. For the rejected, I offer my condolences, and the best of luck as you apply to other schools.

    For the deferred, I offer the rest of this post.

  • a compilation of creative projects

    creativity? at MY institute?

    Among the many classes I took this semester, I ended up taking two and a half classes that fell under MIT’s broad category of HASS-A, or arts classes. In the process, I ended up doing a variety of creative projects—here are a few of them, organized by class.

  • [joint post] we visited every station on the MBTA

    and the Logan Airport Rental Car Center

    joint post written with CJ

    Alan: Like any good scientific paper, we ought to begin this post with a motivation.
    CJ: Motivation? There was motivation for what we did?
    Alan: …not really. But there is, at the very least, a backstory.

  • sunset/sunrise

    swiftly flow the days

    I’ve been very busy this semester; this is entirely of my own accord, and, for the most part, I have been managing everything at an acceptable level of struggle. In contrast to Mel’s remarkable recovery of her sleep schedule, however, my sleep schedule has been slowly shifting later throughout the semester. I started out doing quite well, maintaining a midnight to 8 AM sleep schedule, but eventually slipped back into the standard sleep schedule of the past few semesters.

  • snowfall

    as the snowflakes fall, they remind me of home

    It snowed for the first time this school year yesterday! Originally, in the forecast, there was very little actual snow expected, but when I got up in the morning, a decent amount had fallen.