Welcome to the new blog. In the coming weeks, I’ll be porting over old posts. This process will likely be painstaking, but will allow me to also review some of my work and likely make some cuts and edits. In the meantime, all the old posts will stay up at the blogspot link.

What do you mean by “old posts?”

Since August of 2018, I have written a blog post every day without fail for over 1000 days. I used to publish these blog posts publicly; I have since moved them to a private blog, but I have kept up some pieces of writing I stand by and occasionally posted new ones. This site contains an archive of those posts, along with blog posts I write on other platforms, such as for MIT Admissions.

The RSS feed for this site is here. An archive organized by month can be found here.

  • One Art

    variation on a poem of Elizabeth Bishop

    The art of being hosed isn’t hard to master;
    the tasks (you hope) will teach you something new.
    To be busy, then, is hardly a disaster.

  • sundays in the parks with friends

    a post title based on a musical based on a painting

    There’s a large park system in Boston called the The Emerald Necklace which stretches seven miles from the Boston Common all the way down to Franklin Park Zoo. Before this semester, I’d only been to the Public Garden and the Boston Common, which are two adjacent parks right in the middle of downtown Boston. I knew that this semester would be particularly tough though, and that I would struggle to get myself out of my room if I didn’t have a concrete plan to do so.

  • a recipe for making yourself extremely hosed

    or, what i'm doing this fall

    Before we begin, a word of warning. This blog post is not representative of the schedule of a typical MIT student, nor should it be. It is, however, my current experience, which I guess is worth something. I’ll continue to remind you of this throughout the post, but I thought I’d be up-front about it as well. Without further ado, here is a recipe to make yourself extremely hosed.

  • nREXt and other bad acronyms

    a SCUFFY post

    To be able to tell this story in full, we must start in late January. I’m living in Next House after a busy on-campus IAP, when an email is sent to our dorm mailing list. The email asks for applications for the Next House CPW committee. As a frosh, I have nothing better to do, so I apply, and after a few days, I get an interview. A day or two after that, I get placed on the committee, and from there it is off to the races.

  • it's not the same, but it's still home

    back at MIT

    I got back to campus a few days ago. The journey here from South Dakota was, for the most part, uneventful. I happened to be on the same flight as a friend who had also fled campus for SD in March, so we shared an Uber from the airport. MIT Medical was closed by the time we arrived on campus, so we headed straight for our dorm, Next House.