Welcome to the new blog. In the coming weeks, I’ll be porting over old posts. This process will likely be painstaking, but will allow me to also review some of my work and likely make some cuts and edits. In the meantime, all the old posts will stay up at the blogspot link.

What do you mean by “old posts?”

Since August of 2018, I have written a blog post every day without fail for over 1000 days. I used to publish these blog posts publicly; I have since moved them to a private blog, but I have kept up some pieces of writing I stand by and occasionally posted new ones. This site contains an archive of those posts, along with blog posts I write on other platforms, such as for MIT Admissions.

The RSS feed for this site is here. An archive organized by month can be found here.

  • these are a few of my favorite places

    a love letter to MIT's campus
    Two years ago, before I had been accepted to MIT, before I was sure I was even applying, I attended a summer camp on campus where each student was assigned a research project for the six weeks we were there. Mine was with a professor in the Center for Ocean Engineering, and I worked in an office on the third floor of Lobby 7, with windows overlooking the pedestrians crossing Massachusetts Avenue...
  • 711A — and I don't want to waste more time...

    an eventful summer day

    me: I’m tired and I should go to bed.
    also me: here’s 900+ words of how my day went.

    Today was an okay day.

  • 616A — I wonder why I miss everyone and I still don't call...

    excerpts from a post on empathizing

    There’s a common kind of joke response to the question of “how are you doing?” which is “better than I deserve!” Usually, this is said with a light sort of tone, as if the speaker is bringing the person who they are addressing in on some sort of inside joke. “Better than I deserve!” they say, as if they’ve gotten away with some kind of small, personal heist.

  • 446A — Every tomorrow I wake up and pray it's the day...

    a post about family weekend

    Today was a good day, although I am now exceptionally exhausted and very ready to go to bed. It was also not a great day in terms of setting up the next week, since I accomplished exactly nothing, but everything else that happened was generally spectacular.

  • 366A — At night she's screaming...

    a scattered set of thoughts about the self
    I slept well again yesterday night—in fact, I made a note before I passed out of consciousness: "It's very rare that I go to sleep without thoughts swirling around my mind, vague anxieties about something or other bothering the serenity of my consciousness. Today, however, it is just pure love for my kids, and I have been spared from worry. God bless."