Welcome to the new blog. In the coming weeks, I’ll be porting over old posts. This process will likely be painstaking, but will allow me to also review some of my work and likely make some cuts and edits. In the meantime, all the old posts will stay up at the blogspot link.

What do you mean by “old posts?”

Since August of 2018, I have written a blog post every day without fail for over 1000 days. I used to publish these blog posts publicly; I have since moved them to a private blog, but I have kept up some pieces of writing I stand by and occasionally posted new ones. This site contains an archive of those posts, along with blog posts I write on other platforms, such as for MIT Admissions.

The RSS feed for this site is here. An archive organized by month can be found here.

  • i'd like to write a happy post

    a sestina

    I’ve been gone from the blogs for a little while, since this semester has been quite a difficult one and I haven’t really had the headspace to write. I’m hoping to come back soon, but, in the meantime, please accept this meager offering.

  • zero bandwidth

    it's not burnout if you have to keep going

    Recently, I’ve had this overwhelming feeling creeping up on me, this slow crescendo of static which sits inside my head, just behind my eyes. This noise makes it impossible to think, or to make any useful decisions at all. I wake up and feel every muscle in my body already sore, regardless of how much physical activity I’ve done in the past day.

  • some IAP adventures

    as told by my camera roll

    During the month of January, MIT offers an “Independent Activities Period” where students do essentially whatever they want: take classes, participate in random activities, do research, or nothing at all! This IAP, I chose to do essentially nothing at all, which wound up being quite a bit…but that’s a story for another blog post. All you need to know about this IAP was that it was a whirlwind for me, and since we’re now in the midst of the first week of the semester, I haven’t had time to process it all.

  • 1234A — There's only one thing, to do, three words, for you...

    a poem and a day of emergencies

    i’d have written you a song last night;
    we’d have drowned in soft, silk sorrows.
    together, we’d have made our plans
    for all our great green morrows.

  • friday afternoon in the town of beans

    i'm freeeeeeeeeeeee

    Yesterday,⁠ after turning in my last assignment for the semester and celebrating my freedom from classes with a study break held by our GRA, I thought, “oh, maybe I’ll write a blog post about all the things I made this semester.” So I got up this morning, and before I even finished a single paragraph, I went—

    Forget that. There’ll be time for that later. It’s the first day after the end of classes! Time to have some fun.